The addition of adornments to a gravestone transforms a traditional marker into a personalized and meaningful tribute, enriching the memorial with diverse expressions of love and remembrance. Porcelain Portraits capture lifelike images, preserving the visual essence of the departed. Strassacker Memorial Art, Bronze Plaques, and medallions infuse artistic elegance, turning the gravestone into a canvas of sculpted emotion and commemoration. Hero Medallions pay homage to military or community service, symbolizing valor and dedication.

Hand Painted Carvings bring vibrant color and intricate detailing, infusing the memorial with a bespoke touch. Photo engravings and laser engravings, whether in color or black and white, immortalize moments and expressions, bridging the past with the present.

These adornments, among others, go beyond mere decoration. They encapsulate the uniqueness of the individual, narrating a visual story that transcends the boundaries of time. Each adornment represents a carefully chosen detail that adds layers of personal significance to the gravestone, reflecting the diverse facets of the departed’s life, passions, and contributions. In essence, these adornments create a tapestry of memories, fostering a deep and enduring connection between the living and the memory of those who have passed, making the gravestone a cherished and evocative symbol of remembrance.


Adornments include Porcelain Portraits, Strassacker Memorial Art, Bronze Plaques and medallions, Hero Medallions, Hand Painted Carvings, Photo engravings, Color and Black and White Laser Engravings, among others.