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Rock House Granite provides everyone access to the most durable and beautiful natural stone available in the world. We then use these superior natural materials to fabricate many structural and decorative elements for the home. The staff at Rock House believes that you should be an informed consumer. You will find within this site a short geologic history of each type of stone that we sell and the common applications in the home.

For a more comprehensive explanation of natural stone we recommend this link to the North Carolina Granite Corporationís website-

To see many color samples of our different stones click this link to our distributor-

"At Rock House Granite, we understand the importance of the selection process.
Consultations are often needed with your designer, builder, cabinet maker or remodel specialist. We are more than ready to help you achieve your dream in any way we can. We never use high pressure sales techniques to get you to buy something you donít want. We never use deceptive advertising to make you think youíre getting a deal when youíre not. But, if you want the most beautiful and durable natural granite, marble, onyx, limestone, soapstone, slate or travertine to dress up your home we are the source."
-Steve Carroll, owner


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